About Hospice of Guernsey, Inc.


Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of service. A non-profit agency incorporated in 1984, the first patient was seen in February 1985. Since that time Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. has served more than 3,000 terminally ill patients in Guernsey, Noble and western Belmont counties. Hospice care permits patients to stay in their home or place of residence, surrounded by family and friends.

Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. employs over 25 staff members including a medical director, registered nurses, certified home health aides, social workers, a chaplain, counselors, an art therapist and reflexologist, and a music practitioner. We are also proud to have over 100 volunteers. We care for patients in their homes, in nursing facilities and in assisted living facilities. Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. also provides bereavement care for patients and their families. Bereavement services are available to the general public as well.

Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. is Medicare and Medicaid certified and is licensed by the Ohio Department of Health. As members of both state and national hospice and palliative care organizations, Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. is working hard to ensure that quality hospice care will be available in this area of Ohio for years to come.

Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. serves patients who reside in Guernsey, Noble, and Western Belmont counties, regardless of their diagnosis, age, gender, race, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, physical condition, or the ability to reimburse for hospice care. Hospice of Guernsey also provides language assistance including translated documents and oral interpretation, without charge and in a timely manner.

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