January 2016 Bereavement Letter

A new year is upon us!  Where does the time go?  When I was young I hated it when someone said how fast the time went, for as I child, I didn’t believe it and I couldn’t wait for the years to pass!  Now it is sometimes just a reminder of what was.  It is sometimes hard not to wish those days and years back.  But, as we are so aware, we cannot!  We do, however, need to remind ourselves to make the most of today and pray for a happier tomorrow. 

For many of you, this New Year may only be a reminder of who will not be with you as you face tomorrow. A friend once shared four little words with me that might help to make a difference in your days.  They are “I have a choice”.  We can choose to worry and be upset at life’s circumstances, or we can choose to move ahead one day at a time, making our life count for something.  I hope we can do that together in the coming year.


Upcoming events:

January 11 Lunch Bunch at Mr. Lee’s at noon.  We meet for a time of

fellowship and sharing.  Lunch is on your own.

January 12Lunch Bunch at Annie K’s at noon.

January 13 NEW 9 WEEK SUPPORT GROUP. This group will meet at 5:30 at the Hospice office and will meet every other week. Please contact me if interested. Once the group starts, it will be closed to others.

January 21Suicide Survivor’s Support Group at 6:00 at Mr. Lee’s

January 25-Friends of Faith meets at Annie K’s at noon.

January 26- Support Group @ 5:30 pm at the Hospice Office…(also a painting party with Lois for those who would like to participate. CALL FOR DETAILS.)

January 28- Support breakfast at Patty’s Place in Belle Valley at 9:00 am.


 If you have any questions about an event, call me at 432-7440.  I am also available for one on one time.  Remember that together and with support, we can make it through each new day.

 God Bless you in this New Year!

 Terri Wootton LISW, ACHP-SW

Bereavement Coordinator

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