March 2016 Bereavement Newsletter

So far the promise of cold weather has been a reality…SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW! I so long for the first hints of spring! Hopefully March will bring with it the sunshine I so love. The days are becoming longer and I would love to begin to think of outside chores and activities. I am already decorating the outdoor patio in my mind. One of my favorite spots is the old porch swing.  I love to sit on it and watch the world go by.  It gives me great peace, and occasionally I’ll grab a nap after a busy day at work.  It is my get-a-way for a few needed moments. 

As March brings springtime, I hope it also brings for you sunshine and hope in the new season. It is only natural to have dreary days mixed in with the sunshine, so don’t be discouraged when they creep in.  Just try to stay focused.  Plan an activity that will bring you joy, and act upon it.  Have lunch with a friend, feed the ducks, or take a walk.  But what­ever you do, look for that moment or activity that gives you a few minutes of peace, and bask in its warmth.  It may be what gets you through to the next season.

But no matter where you find yourself as you read this, remember that we at Hospice are here to lend you support along the way.  Our upcoming events for the month of March are as follows:


             March 8– Lunch Bunch at Annie K’s (Barnesville) at noon.  Anyone who may enjoy eating and talking with others, please join us.


             March 14- “Lunch Bunch” at Mr. Lee’s at noon.  We meet for a time of fellowship and sharing. Lunch is on your own. Everyone welcome.


             March 17– Suicide Survivor’s Support Group at 6:00 pm at Mr. Lee’s.


             March 22-Support Group @ 5:30 p.m. at the Hospice Office.


             March 24– Breakfast support group meets @ 9:00 am @ Patty’s Place in Belle Valley.


             March 28– “Friends of Faith” meets at noon at Annie K’s in Barnesville.


             If you have questions about any of the events, or you just need someone to talk to, call me at 432-7440.  May spring shine upon you!


Terri Wootton MSW, LISW, AHPC-SW

Bereavement Coordinator

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