December Bereavement Newsletter

December 2016         


As you enter the last month of the year, you have already survived one major holiday of the season.  I hope that as you focused on the true meaning of Thanksgiving, you were able to give thanks for something good in your life. But don’t stop now; for the Christmas holiday is upon us! Just as I encouraged you to look at the true meaning of Thanksgiving, I urge you to do something similar at Christmas.  The author of this poem states her feelings beautifully!

First Christmas

It can’t possibly be Christmas without her being here.
Yet the world is singing round me, joyful tidings and good cheer.

Though I try to put on armor and brave the sights and sounds,
a few moments worth of shopping, and the tears are spilling down.

I pray for strength to do it, find a path through holidays,
look for shortcuts, good ideas, and some directions through the maze.

Then I find at last the answer: I’ll include her symbolically.
And the giving becomes perfect; her love’s flowing down, through me.

Genesse Bourdeau Gentry


Sometimes it only takes a new perspective to help us get through the toughest times.  I pray you will allow your loved one to shine through you in some way this holiday season. I hope you will consider joining us for the Holiday Memorial Service on December 8. The Hospice staff will be in attendance to meet with you.


Upcoming events:

December 8 Memorial Service @ Southgate Hotel (Formerly the Holiday Inn) in Cambridge at 6:00 pm

                     December 12 Lunch Bunch….. at noon at Mr. Lee’s in Cambridge

                     December 13 Lunch Bunch ….. at noon at Annie K’s in Barnesville

                     December 15 Suicide Survivor’s Group….. at 6:00 pm @ Mr. Lee’s  Please RSVP

                     Friends of Faith…….Will not meet this month.

                     December 22 Breakfast Support Group…. @ Patty’s Place in Belle Valley @ 9:00 am

                     Support Group…..The group meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month in Cambridge will not meet this month.


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