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Bereavement Newsletter April 2020

Posted on March 25, 2020

April 2020

April showers bring May flowers…March excites me for it brings with it the promise of spring.  Then comes the rainy season! April, for me, is the tunnel through which I must pass to reach the other side of winter. It may be dreary and cold, and at times a little tiresome; but it is necessary to get me to the warmth and joy that summer offers. So, here I go.  Follow me if you will.

As you move into the summer of your grief journey, you will have left behind cold and rainy days. You will experience hard times before experiencing the joy and sunshine of tomorrow, and those times will change the person you are.  They will mold you into the person you are to become.  I pray that as you begin that journey and continue to walk along the pathway, you will have a hope of better tomorrows and sunshiny days.  Allow someone else to walk beside you and be your friend.  Let them hold your hand or cry with you.  Allow someone else to be your strength if needed.  Allow yourself to change.  Also, remember we are here if you need us in the months to come. There are always events offered to lend support.  Feel free to take advantage of them.  We want to help you on your journey towards healing.

Upcoming events: There are normally many things happening in the area of bereavement. However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have been forced to cancel them at this time.

Grieving is one thing, but being isolated in our grief is another. For that reason, I will continue to be available by phone if you need to reach me. I will attempt to reach out to you as well in the days ahead.

Take care of yourself. Reach out to others by phone. Pray. Keep a journal. Remember that this is but a season. This too shall pass!

  As always, if you have any questions or if you need to talk, I am available at 740-432-7440.  With warm thoughts…

 Terri Wootton  MSW, LISW, ACHP-SW                                                                

Bereavement Coordinator