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Bereavement Newsletter November 2023

Posted on October 18, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving…A time to be thankful. I never realized how many holidays had the words “happy” or “merry” attached to the day or the season prior to taking my current job as bereavement counselor. I soon became aware that these words frequently have a hollow ring for many during the holidays. But as we begin this stretch of the holidays, I encourage you to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving, for there are many things for which we can be thankful. Memories are precious. Share some of those with a friend this holiday season. It may mean that you must make the choice to be thankful. But I believe as you do, you will feel it in your spirit.

If you are struggling this season, we at hospice will be glad to help in any way we can. We are offering a HOLIDAY MEMORIAL SERVICE on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7 at 5:30pm at SOUTHGATE HOTEL. It is located on Southgate parkway across from Sheetz and next to McDonald’s in Cambridge. It is open to the public. Feel free to bring someone with you to honor your loved ones. I invite you to come and share the evening with the hospice staff. It will be a short service, including a candle-lighting. A time of refreshments will follow. Hope to see you there.

Many other activities are lined up for the upcoming month as well. Hope to see you soon.

Upcoming Events

November 9-“Lunch Bunch” at Noon at Mr. Lee’s. This is an informal time to eat and share with others who have experienced a loss.

November 14-Lunch group at Noon at the Barnesville Library Annex (Bring your own lunch and we will eat together)

**(Please note the date change due to the holiday) November 16-Breakfast at Patty’s Place in Belle Valley at 9am

November 29-Coffee with Chris: Men’s coffee/support group at 9am. This group meets at various places around the community. If interested, please call for details.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at 740-432-7440.


Terri Wootton MSW, LISW, Bereavement Coordinator