3rd Annual Legacy Ride Registration

Hospice of Guernsey, Inc.

All funds raised benefit patient care and bereavement support.

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Event Date & Time: Saturday, August 27, 2022 @ 10:00 AM

Event Starting Location: Kennonsburg United Methodist Church, 57599 Kennonsburg Rd, Salesville OH

Questions?: For more information, please contact Stephanie Pfalzgraf at 740-432-7440 or email stephanie@hospiceofguernsey.com.

Entry Fee (No Refunds): Pre-registration prior to August 5th guarantees t-shirt - $15 rider, $5 passenger
Registration on ride day is $20 rider, $10 passenger.

Waiver: The undersigned (on my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns), for and in consideration of the opportunity to participate in the 3rd annual charity ride, herby release the annual charity ride, Hospice of Guernsey, its organizers, members, volunteers, and other participants on the ride from any and all claims and demands, rights, and causes of action of any kind whatsoever which I now have or later may have resulting from, arising out of or in connection with my participation in this ride. This release extends to any and all claims I have or may have against the released parties whether such claims results from negligence (except willful neglect) on the part of any or all released parties with respect to this event, of with respect to the conditions, qualifications, instructions or procedures in which this event is conducted or from any injuries resulting to my property or myself during or in connection with this event. I am experienced and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and fully understand the risks and dangers inherent to motorcycling. I am voluntarily participating in the event and expressly agree to assume the entire risk of any accidents or personal injury including death., which I might suffer as a result of my participation in the event whether such risks result from negligence (except willful neglect) on the part of any of the released parties. The undersigned acknowledges that there will be no alcoholic beverages served at the ride or any destination and any consumption of alcoholic beverages is strongly discouraged. The release parties strongly advise the undersigned not to drink during the event. If at anytime the undersigned is suspected to be the slightest bit impaired, they will prohibited from participating in the event. The undersigned acknowledges the released parties have expressively informed him/ her of the dangers of drinking and driving. By signing this release, I certify that I have read this release and fully understand it an I am not relying on any statement or representation of anyone. I do also claim that I have motorcycle insurance and a valid drivers license with at motorcycle endorsement.

Use the form below to register online for the 3rd Annual Legacy Ride. Once you have completed this form, you must process your payment through PayPal to complete your registration.

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